Our Story

Farm Fresh and Locally Sourced

La Tavolo Do Mar  has been a longtime dream of owners Ron Garcia, Chef Joey Medeiros, and Joe Kilduff. Bringing the freshest possible dinning experience to the residence of East Providence and surrounding towns is our concept and our mission. We do not have a freezer or microwave in the building so yes, it might take a bit longer to execute our cuisine but it will ensure the most satisfying dinning experience. At La Tavolo Do Mar we receive small fresh deliveries from local farms, seafood vendors, and local small businesses. Rotation of our stock is a maximum 48 hrs in house, again this is to keep true to our dedication of freshness and sustainability. While the concept of Farm to Table has been kicked around for years at La Tavolo Do Mar we try to take it to new heights. We can tell you exactly what farm, in what city, and state our products are sourced from.

La Tavolo do Mar will never settle for the less than perfect, our pride and dedication to our patrons, and our town will always be first and foremost.

Thank You for your patronage and your patience

Co-owner/Executive Chef  

 Joey Medeiros

Fine Dinning @ Blue Collar Pricing

Born and raised in East Providence, my first lob was at Asquino's. I instantly was hooked, the smells, the sounds, the adrenaline rush. Food is my passion and my life's work. Staying local and doing business with farmers, fishermen, and small business that might not be able to get their product out nation wide is extremely satisfying.

I always wanted to have a place in E.P. that hardworking people could spend their hard earned money and feel special, feel good about what they are indulging themselves to in our dinning room with out having to go to Providence or Newport to get it

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